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Our 6 Butterfly Bomb Bag is the perfect choice for those who love gardening and butterflies. In each cotton muslin bag are 6 Butterfly Bombs with wildflower seeds, with a planting instruction card. The bag is 3” x 5” in size. Each Butterfly Bomb is approximately 1-inch in diameter.


Butterfly Bombs are seed balls made of clay, soil, and wildflower seeds. They are planted by tossing or placing them on top of the soil. The clay protects the seeds from birds and insects until conditions are right, then the seeds germinate and grow into flowers that benefit butterflies and other pollinators.

Ingredients: Red clay, organic soil, wildflower seed.


Seeds: Black-eyed Susan, Purple Coneflower, Crimson Clover, Lance-leafed Coreopsis, Mexican Red Hat, Sunflower, Zinnia, Butterfly milkweed


Our current seed mix is well suited for the eastern half of the U.S., and most of the seeds should grow well in the western region as well. Please contact us with questions.

6 Bomb Butterfly Bag

  • Orders will typically ship 1-3 days after purchase. USPS Priority Mail will be used for smaller packages, and UPS ground for larger orders.

  • If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please use the Contact Form to let us know, so that we can refund or replace your items.

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