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Liz scans pollinator patch cleaned up tr

(using Plantables seed bombs)

     Let's Make a Pollinator Patch!!


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patchy 1.png

Find a sunny location for your

pollinator patch. At least 4 hours

of sun is recommended.  Make sure there are no utility lines near

your new garden space.

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Step One

Making a pollinator patch is not only incredibly important for our pollinator friends but it also can be unbelievably beautiful in your yard!! And here's the good news, no patch is too small. Every patch can make a difference!! And more good news - it is easy, when you use Plantables seed bombs!! All you need is: a shovel, some compost, some mulch, and a box of Bulk Bombs, Below are fun step by step instructions. Happy Planting!

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Patchy 2 digging.png

Step Two

Removing the top layer of sod might be the hardest part in making your patch. Use a flat head shovel to get just under

the sod. Try not to remove too much of your soil. Again, check for utility lines that might be in your patch,

patchy 3 rectangle.png
shovel2 transparent thicker.png

Our 4' W x 15' L garden is located on our boulevard.

We framed the garden with our existing grass (so soil

runoff wouldn't enter the sewer system).


patchy 4 compost.png

Step Three

To get your patch off to a

good start, sprinkle some

organic compost on top of

your new garden space.

With a shovel, dig it in with the exsisting soil

compost transparent.png
mulch transparent.png
patchy 5 mulch.png

Now sprinkle 2 - 3 inches

of wood mulch over your

entire garden. The mulch

will prevent weeds from

growing and it will also help

retain moisture for the seed

bombs to remain wet.

Step Four

bee bomb drawings.gif
patchy 6 planting.png
bee bomb drawings_edited.png

Scratch away a small amount of mulch and place

seed bomb on prepared soil. Press them partially

in the ground but DO NOT BURY THEM.

Step Five

PK Patch 7 Spacing Bombs.png

We recommend that you space seed bombs

approximately one foot from each other. Our Bulk Bomb box covers a 60 square foot patch.

patchy 8 watering.png

Okay, this is really important. Everyday, water your seed

bombs generously until

plants reach approximately

four inches in height. Then

water as needed throughout

the summer.

Step Six

watering can.gif
water drop.png
water drop.png
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flower 3.png
transparent bee.png
flower 3 stroke6_edited.png
flower 3.png
Awesome Awesome Picture of Boulevard .pn


Just watch your new friends come to your beautiful Pollinator Patch!!

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transparent bee_edited.png
transparent butterfly_edited.png
flower 3 stroke6_edited.png
flower 3.png
flower 3 stroke6_edited.png
flower 3.png
transparent butterfly_edited.png
transparent butterfly.png
flower 3.png
flower 3 stroke6_edited.png
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